BSc Forensic Science

Forensic Science courses are a multidisciplinary field that involves the application of scientific principles and techniques to solve crimes and legal issues. Forensic Science courses encompass a wide range of scientific disciplines and methodologies to collect, preserve, analyze, and interpret evidence related[More Details...]

X Ray Technology

Diploma in X-ray technology is a 2 years undergraduate course in India. It deals with electromagnetic radiation that enters the human body and depicts solid structures in photographic film. This course requires minimum eligibility of 10+2 with minimum marks or[More Details...]

BSc Nuclear Medicine

The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Nuclear Medicine Technology degree is a 3 years undergraduate course. A student must have passed 10+2 in the science stream with PCB as the main subject to be eligible for admission to BSc Nuclear Medicine Technology.[More Details...]

BSc Microbiology

BSc Microbiology is a 3-year undergraduate degree that focuses on studying the unicellular and clusters of microscopic animals, viruses, bacteria and fungi. The course teaches the effects of these organisms on the human body and the environment. The BSc Microbiology syllabus[More Details...]

BSc Dialysis Therapy

B.Sc Dialysis is a specialized study of dialysis in the bachelor of Science stream. It is a three-year undergraduate course which studies the artificial process of eliminating waste (diffusion) and unwanted water (ultrafiltration) from the blood. This course is designed[More Details...]


Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology or BSc MLT/MLS is an undergraduate course of 3-year, which is divided into six years (two semesters per year). In this course professionals are taught about various aspects of health care. The students[More Details...]


Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology is a graduate course that involves the study of the concepts and principles of the physical and chemical agents, chemical composition, techniques, equipment, and dosage of anesthesia required during medical and[More Details...]


What is Bachelor of Physiotherapy or BPT Course? BPT or Bachelor of Physiotherapy is a professional undergraduate degree that skillfully trains to enable candidates to treat muscle spasms and injuries of movement. The duration of the BPT course is 4[More Details...]

BSc Cardaic Technology

What is B.Sc Cardiac Technology? BSc Cardiac Technology is an undergraduate degree programme and the BSc Cardiology course duration is three to four years. BSc Cardiac Technology is a field of study in allied medicine. B.Sc Cardiac Technology course involves[More Details...]

BSc Optometry

BSc Optometry is a field of study which deals with the study of the human eye. In BSc Optometry course, one studies the eyes and all the other information such as structure, abnormalities, etc subjects related to the human eye.[More Details...]