Food Technology

Food Technology is a science branch that deals with the techniques involved in the production, processing, preservation, packaging, labelling, quality management, and distribution of food products. The field also involves techniques and processes that are used to transform raw materials into[More Details...]

Textile Engineering

Textile Engineering is in growing demand due to diverse cultures and traditions around the world and it is one of the most popular disciplines in engineering/technology. "Textile Engineering" is a big research field of technology that deals with all activities of[More Details...]

Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering course is a branch of engineering that deals with the construction as well as the operation of mechanical equipment of seagoing craft, docks, and harbor installations. The basic job of a Marine engineer is to design, build and maintain[More Details...]


Biotechnology Engineering is an undergraduate degree programme in applied sciences that amalgamates the facts from both Biological sciences and technology. This study utilizes the biological processes which include the study of microorganisms or knowledge of antibiotics and further implement them in[More Details...]

Automobile Engineering

Automobile Engineering is the branch of engineering which deals with designing, manufacturing, mechanical mechanisms as well operations of automobiles. It is also an introduction to vehicle engineering which includes cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses etc.  It is an advanced branch of[More Details...]

Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering course is a well-known branch of engineering that attracts students with an interest in aeroplanes and their mechanisms. It deals with the designing and construction of specialised machines used in the aviation and defence sector. It is the science[More Details...]

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is the set of techniques and ideas used to transform unusable chemicals and raw materials into finished goods.  It involves a number of processes and principles applied to convert raw materials/chemicals into useful products such as clothes, drinks, paint,[More Details...]

Data Science

What is B.Tech in Data Science and Engineering? B Tech Data Science and Engineering is an undergraduate four-year degree program divided into eight semesters. The B Tech Data Science and Engineering course deals with the study of the discharge of[More Details...]

Cyber Security

What is BTech Cyber Security? BTech Cyber Security course is apt for individuals fascinated by the cybersecurity industry and its tricky threat intelligence and eager to gain advanced knowledge of malware reverse engineering, penetration testing, and cyber forensics.  The course guides the[More Details...]

AI and Machine Learning

AIML courses are educational programs teaching Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning fundamentals, techniques, and tools for creating intelligent systems. They cover supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement learning, neural networks, natural language processing, and computer vision. Artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning (Machine[More Details...]