Study in Europe

Switzerland is among the most happening destinations for Indian students who would like to look beyond America to study abroad. Located in Central Europe, the land of the Swiss might sound like an unconventional destination, but when it comes to studying here, there’s no dearth of benefits and opportunities.

Living in Switzerland

Almost 60% of the country’s land is mountainous, therefore one can expect to find picture perfect rolling hills, open pastures, forests and lakes. For those who find joy in nature and outdoor activities, student life in Switzerland will be like a dream, with pleasant a summer season and manageable winters.

Home to two global cities, and sharing borders with Italy, France and Austria, Switzerland’s cities are dynamic and overflowing with opportunities to interact with different cultures and languages. Since Switzerland is located centrally, traveling to any of the countries surrounding it is easy, with minimal expenses.

English Language in Switzerland

Having four national languages and several dialects, Switzerland might look intimidating to students who aren’t multilingual. However, most universities offer Graduate and Postgraduate programs in English, particularly business schools. Most locals too are at least mildly fluent in English, so day to day interactions will not pose much of a challenge for Indian students studying there.

Economy of Switzerland

Despite its small size, Switzerland’s economy is one of the most competitive economies in the world and a force to be reckoned with. Openness to foreign investment and low rates of corruption have made it one of the most stable economies, with the country regularly ranking highest on the lists of average individual wealth and quality of living.

Education System in Switzerland

Its booming economy and trade makes Switzerland an attractive destination for students wanting to pursue business and finance, from studying to working after graduation. Universities in Switzerland are renowned throughout the world for their commitment to high standards of education and research. Foreign students who opt to study in Switzerland have benefited from small size of classes, hands-on approach to syllabus and opportunities to pursue research.

Higher Studies in Switzerland is done mostly in Vocational and Technical institutes and Universities. Switzerland has four official languages. Mostly the Bachelor’s degree is taught in German, French or Italian and not English. Some Universities mix that with Local official languages and English. Such as in some Bachelor’s degrees in ETH Zurich, first year is taught in German and second and third is taught in English.

There are two semesters: The Autumn Semester and Spring Semester. Each semester runs for 14 weeks.

Universities in Switzerland

There are three type of Universities in Switzerland:

  1. 12 Doctoral / Research Universities
  2. 8 Universities of Applied Science
  3. 20 UTE (Universities of Teacher Education)
  • All humanity and science degrees can be pursued at academic Universities in Switzerland. Apart from degrees, some specialisations like heath sciences can only be pursued in Universities of applied sciences.
  • Doctoral / Research Universities offer bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees along with PhD in theory based or research based disciplines.
  • Applied Science Universities are mostly for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in scientific fields and professional education. They are highly concentrated on research output.

Other specific Universities in Switzerland offer University level education other than above categorised institutes.

  1. Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration (IDHEAP), Lausanne
  2. Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch (IUKB), Sion
  3. Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID), Geneva
  4. Distance Learning University Switzerland

Switzerland is known for intensive master’s and research programs in science and technology, from genetics and pharmaceuticals to biotechnology  and medicine-related subjects. Two of its universities have ranked in the world’s top 15 according to QS World University Rankings 2018 – Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. The fact that the country has produced a total of 31 Nobel laureates in the Sciences is a testament of its quality education. For students of humanities and law, University of Zurich offers a wide range of programs.

Student Life In Switzerland

There will never be a dull moment in the life of a student in Switzerland. Universities are proactive in organizing workshops and conferences so that students can engage with their courses even outside the classroom, and develop a professional network that will help them after graduation. Universities are well equipped with facilities like libraries, canteens and gyms, while also routinely organizing hiking trips for foreign students, to help them explore the country.

Work and Study in Switzerland

Most universities have job placement units that offer part time jobs within the campus. Those on student resident permits are allowed to work, with the only requirement being that they produce a statement from university authorities stating that working while studying will not stretch the duration of their programs.

As courses are strenuous, foreign students are only allowed to work for a maximum of 15 hours per week. Wages can be anywhere between CHF 20 to 35, depending on skills and type of job.

Work permit in Switzerland

Graduated students have the option to apply for a six month long residency permit to explore job opportunities in the fields of their degree programs. Once employed, a work permit can be applied for. For those who wish to study further, residency permit is renewed after admission is secured.

Students of International Relations and related majors will find no dearth of opportunities to advance their careers after finishing studies, seeing as Switzerland is home to many international organizations like the United Nations and World Economic Forum. Foreign language students will also find jobs quickly as translators and interpreters in international organizations as well as MNCs.

Switzerland, officially known as the Swiss Confederation, is a mountainous country located in western europe. Mostly famous around the world for its idyllic ski towns and chocolate, it is also known for how high its standards of living, education and work are. Switzerland is fast becoming a lucrative destination for Indian Students planning to study abroad.

Flanked by countries like Italy, France, Germany and Austria, Switzerland is a hub of cultures and languages with as many as four national languages. It is an ideal educational destination for those interested in degree programs related to language and culture. Known for having a rich topography, the country also provides a plethora of travel options for those living there.

Stay Back in Switzerland

Who would want to leave Switzerland? There are some rules and regulations set by Swiss immigration for both EFTA/EU student and non-EU students. For any kind of extension in your stay, an employment in necessary.

Top 10 Reasons to Study in Switzerland

If the beautiful landscapes, excellent quality of life, and being the most neutral country in the world does not cut it for you, and if the excellent academics and world-class research output are not enough to convince you to opt for study in Switzerland, we have seven solid reasons that can change your mind.

Why Study in Switzerland?

1. Quality Education

Swiss universities offer a wide range of courses across disciplines, at various levels (undergraduate, post-graduate, doctoral, and post-doctoral), and at different institutions of higher education like academic universities, universities of applied sciences, universities of teacher education, etc. Some of the top ranking educational institutions of the world are from this country. Whether one wants to study hotel management or hospital management, MBA or Masters in Science or Arts, Switzerland will offer the best institutions and internationally accepted courses.

Top Universities in Switzerland:

  1. ETH Zurich
  2. Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne
  3. University of Zurich
  4. University of Geneva
  5. University of Bern

2. Best Student Cities

As it can be seen above, Zurich and Geneva are home to some of the Top Ranked Universities in the world. Not only they are home to Best Universities in Switzerland, but Zurich also has the famous Swiss Stock Market, the world’s fourth-largest. Lake Zurich and Geneva are the main attraction of the cities. Lausanne and Bern are other mention-worthy student cities, with Lausanne being a francophone culturally rich city and the Bern declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Student Cities in Switzerland are the perfect mix of tradition and modern.

3. International Hub to the World

We have already talked about the Zurich stock market, but it does not stop there. It is home to many international organizations from around the world, including FIFA. The other internationally significant city in Switzerland is Geneva. Home to the most number of headquarters of NGO, including the prestigious WHO and WTO, World Health Organisation and World Trade Organisation respectively. This will take us to our next two points.

4. A Country of Innovation

One needs only to count the number of Nobel prizes that have gone to the citizens of Switzerland to understand what we are indicating. It is not a country that believes in making education a dull and boring everyday affair that students must go through, for a certain number of years. Education in Switzerland is synonymous with thinking newly and differently and leads to innovations that help humankind.

5. Career Options

This is the best part about studying in Switzerland. As a country whose standard and system of imparting education is not only renowned but also well respected across the world, a student passing out of any course finds himself or herself walking on the red carpet of professional life, straightaway. This is a huge advantage when the general norm is to struggle and find a foothold in an industry.

6. Scenic Landscapes

It is a peaceful European country, placed right in the lap nature. With time, Switzerland has become modern but has managed to retain its beautiful equation with nature. Spanning in eight countries, the Alps mountain range has become a postcard image for Switzerland over the years. Leisure travelers, hikers, and campers, or adventure sportsmen, Switzerland is the place for everyone who loves nature.

7. Lifestyle

The Swiss lifestyle is a perfect balance between the industrious German and the relaxed French lifestyles. The country actively encourages a culture where all work is done on time and without corruption, but at the same time, the quality and enjoyment of living life is not compromised upon. Swiss themselves are adventure-loving people, and you can find them roaming and hiking around the country, which makes it a lively place.

8. Location in Central Europe:

Switzerland is located in central Europe, and it is landlocked. Switzerland shares its borders with five countries of the EU: Austria, Liechtenstein, France, Italy, and Germany. Moreover, it is very well connected with all of these countries. You can hop on a train and take a trip to any of these countries. Switzerland literally puts rest of the Europe to your doorstep.

9. Diversity:

Study in Switzerland is a synonym for diversity. Officially, there are 4 languages and 26 federal states. Add to that a large population of international students, and the country becomes a global village in a true sense. People from different ethnicity and cultures make Switzerland a country where one can make friends from different countries and learn many things with the interchange of cultural influences.

10. Safest and Happiest Country:

Last but not the least, with all the perks above, there is no doubt that Switzerland is one of the happiest countries in the world. Along with that, the Swiss policy of staying neutral makes it one of the safest countries in the world. Whether you are roaming around the streets or the Alps, you will feel safe in Switzerland. For international students, it is one of the most essential reasons.

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