Why M.B.B.S in Bangladesh

Why MBBS/BDS in Bangladesh?

BANGLADESH is the top study destination for Indian medical students.

  1. Short travel distance from India.
  2. Bangladesh has a curriculum of global standard recognized by WHO, NMC,BMDC & MCI Very low cost than any other country cost.
  3. Flexible payment system with options in installment wise.
  4. Reasonable cost of living.
  5. Higher quality of medical Education.
  6. Colleges have own hospitals with good patient flow.
  7. Separate hostel for boys & girls.
  8. Easy visa process.
  9. Remarkable pass rate in NMC Licensing Examinations.

How to choose a Medical/Dental College?
This is most difficult part of the medical campaign. This is very important from the point of view and sensitive in different aspects. There are few things that, we think you should run quickly go through it however there is no such hard and fast rule to grade the colleges. This is very long term evaluation process. Your future depends up on you If you are good enough you can do well in any college even though college environment also play a major role for your future career. Despite the fact that the college which you think is not good enough in due course it becomes the best one. You never know what the future holds for you so with the colleges, although we would like you to have ideas about the following things:-
• NMC (Nepal Medical Council) Affiliation
• MCI (Medical Council of India) Affiliation
• BMDC (Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council) Recognization
• Academic activity
• Hospital/Hospital equipment
• Patient flow
• Exam Performance of the Students
• Student Activities
• Accessibility of IT